Find a January 19 Event Near You

We are Here To Stay. Our community will not stop fighting against racist policies that target our community. Our resilience is our strength and we will show it all across the country.

Thousands of immigrant leaders will take action at their localities and will remind those who oppose us: regardless of your attacks – we are #HereToStay! Use the map below to find an event near you or register your event.


‘Dream killers’ are those members of congress that delay relief, obstruct justice and with their actions or inaction continue put young people at risk of deportations.

Who Are the Dream Killers?

Members of the ‘Deportation Caucus’ are those members of the Democratic party who voted with Republicans to effectively fund the deportation of Dreamers.

Who is the Deportation Caucus?

The Number of Young People Who Have Lost Their DACA Since September

Share Your Story

Your story is unique has the power to create meaningful change in our community. Share your story on Instagram and/or Twitter to have your story featured here and used during congressional office visits as we advocate for a clean Dream Act by December. Here’s how:

1) Take a photo of yourself holding a sign with the number of days left before your DACA expires. If you’ve never had DACA but qualify for the Dream Act, write the number 0 on the paper and take a selfie.

2) Include a few sentences of why you need a #DreamActNow. Share how your life and dreams would be impacted if your DACA expires and why passing the Dream Act is important to you.

3) Post it online with the hashtag #DreamActNow and tag @UnitedWeDream. Your story is power!