The Moment We Are In

With the signing of executive directives and the beginning of his deadly border wall at our airports, Donald Trump has begun to turn his mass deportation threats into reality . They are only the first set of attacks that we can expect on immigrants, Muslims and others who Trump demonized through the campaign.

Amidst the uncertainty in our communities, there are deep wells of resilience and hope, defiance and optimism — it is time to tap those resources and thrive because this is our home and we are #HereToStay!

It is up to immigrants, people of color and people of conscience to prevent millions of deportations by saving the victories we’ve already won — like DACA — and by building united communities who are equipped to oppose the Trump regime nationally and locally.

Already, immigrants and allies have mobilized in over sixty cities and millions have marched in opposition to the Trump agenda. We are more fired up than ever before and organizing to win.

Our Story

#HereToStay Movement!