Take Action: Make a Call

Today marks one month since Trump terminated the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA) leaving nearly 1 million immigrant youth in limbo and uncertainty for their futures. As each day passes more and more immigrant youth lose their protection from deportation. We need congress to act now.

Use this form to be connected to one of our targets. They are outside your district, but need to hear from you, tell them to co-sponsor a clean dream act today. When you click ‘Connect Me’ this page will reload and you will receive a phone call connecting you to one of our targets.

Use this form or call 832-742-1798 to get connected and say:

“I am calling the Congressperson to co-sponsor a clean Dream Act – one that ensures immigrant youth can continue to go to school, work, pay taxes without fear of deportation and does not build border walls, detain and deport other immigrants.”