We Can’t Do This Alone

Create local grassroots campaigns to create sanctuary in your city.

Running Your Own #HereToStay Campaign

What is a #HereToStay Campaign?

#HereToStay Campaigns are grassroots campaigns powered by immigrants, people of color, and allies determined to to reject Trump’s hate and continue honoring and celebrating immigrant and refugee resilience and defiance by creating:

  • Undocu-friendly classrooms and educators
  • Changing your school/campus to sanctuary and/or
  • Demanding and supporting a Local Campaign for Sanctuary city
What is Sanctuary?

Sanctuary is a place that promotes the freedom of expression through dialogue and activism. A place in which the dignity and integrity of every individual as a human being is respected and preserved.

Sanctuaries of safety will look different depending on local circumstances. But in a sanctuary space, we will all agree on a number of core principles such as being united to protect immigrants from deportation forces, preventing ICE from infecting local law enforcement, protecting Muslims from a religious registry, surveillance & harassment, united against police brutality and stop and frisk and united against misogyny and for womxns’ rights.

How Do I Start My Campaign?

After choosing the “Start a Campaign” button at the top of the page, you’ll be brought to the new petition template.New-Petition-Screenshot

Start with a petition name – something that’s short, but will grab someone’s attention is usually best. Next, fill in the person to whom you’ll be sending the petition – who can give you what you want? Then explain precisely what you’d like this person to do. Next, explain why the issue is important – why should someone sign your petition?

Finally, if your petition addresses an issue that is specific to a local area, enter the location in the first box below “where?” If your campaign does not have a specific location, choose the “national or global campaign” option.

After hitting save, you’ll be asked to create an account or log in. If you have already logged in to your account you’ll be brought to the review pane. Look over your petition and make sure that you have included all pertinent information. From this page you can also upload a picture to your campaign. Adding a picture will help grab the attention of potential signers, make your petition look more polished, and will provide the picture that is displayed when the petition is shared on facebook.

Once you have saved any changes, you’ll be brought to the next screen, which allows you to share your petition as a facebook or twitter update. Additionally, you can invite specific friends to sign your petition or, if you’d prefer to share your petition via email, you can choose the fourth option and a sample message will be made available.

If at any time you’d like to re-share your petition, you can do so by logging into your account and choosing “My Campaigns.” From there, click the specific campaign that you’d like share and then choose “manage,” which is to the right of the campaign name.


From this manage pane you can also edit your campaign, add administrators, and take your petition offline.

To edit your campaign, choose “edit petition.” To add another administrator, choose “campaign admins,” enter the email address of the person you’d like to add and choose “send invitation.”

If you’d like to take your petition offline and collect signatures in person, choose the “collect signatures on paper” option. You can then print a customized form that includes columns for name, email, post/zipcode, phone number, and the option to join the organization’s mailing list. Once you’re done collecting signatures, return to this window and choose “enter petition signatures.”

Once you are done campaigning, return to the manage pane and choose “deliver petition,” which allows you to download a pdf of the petition. From here you can choose to print the petition and hand deliver it, or save the file and email it to the campaign target.

Create local sanctuary for immigrants & refugees

We can’t do this alone. Create local grassroots campaigns to create sanctuary