8 Steps to Organize a Walk-Out in Support of a Clean Dream Act on Nov. 9th

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Why November 9th?

  • It’s been 2 months since the DACA termination announcement, and there is 1 month left until the deadline for Congress to act, the longer Congress doesn’t act, the longer our community lives with uncertainty.
  • We must come together, immigrants and allies from all over the country to show Congress that we will not wait any longer, we demand a clean Dream Act by December 2017.

1. Plan it!

2. Define time and location where everyone should gather after the walkout.

3. Build your team ← click for details

  • School organizer
  • Lead
  • Live Streamer
  • Chanters
  • Speakers
  • Police liaison
  • Legal observer

4. Outreach: Make your plan to spread the word!

  • Create flyer and email
  • Sample flyer here
  • Check out graphics here
  • Find walkout social media banners and profile image here
  • Share this video

5. Map out the Walkout Route

  • Confirm where everyone meets after the walkout
  • Route of the collective walkout
  • Point where program will happen

6. Draft your Program

  • Tell EVERYONE to text WalkItOut to 877877 to get updates from UWDN!
  • Tell EVERYONE to call 832-742-1798 to contact their Member of Congress to demand a Clean Dream Act!

7. External Messaging

  • Make sure all your leads are on message!

8.Get extra tools & tips

Celebrate. Be powerful together