About #HereToStay

The Moment We Are In

With the signing of executive directives and the beginning of his deadly border wall at our airports, Donald Trump has begun to turn his mass deportation threats into reality. They are only the first set of attacks that we can expect on immigrants, Muslims and others who Trump demonized through the campaign.

Amidst the uncertainty in our communities, there are deep wells of resilience and hope, defiance and optimism — it is time to tap those resources and thrive because this is our home and we are #HereToStay!

It is up to immigrants, people of color and people of conscience to prevent millions of deportations by saving the victories we’ve already won — like DACA — and by building united communities who are equipped to oppose the Trump regime nationally and locally.

Already, immigrants and allies have mobilized in over sixty cities and millions have marched in opposition to the Trump agenda. We are more fired up than ever before and organizing to win.

The Urgency of NOW

Since the election, Trump has moved fast to launch his mass deportation agenda. He has hired staff from an anti-immigrant hate group to manage the Border Patrol and the most extreme anti-immigrant Senator has been picked to run the Department of Justice.

His team has eliminated DACA, which has protected three quarters of a million people from deportation and enabled them to get jobs and education to provide a level of safety and stability for entire families.

Trump has already begun his deadly border wall by stopping Muslim people and refugees from entering, he has ordered dramatic increases in deportation agents and is building a militarized zone a hundred miles thick along our borders.

The mass deportation and mass oppression agenda has begun – there is no time to waste.

What We Are Doing to Fight Back

Any person of conscience who has ever said they supported immigrant and refugee rights, must unite into an unprecedented opposition to Trump’s hatred and racism.

In this moment, we must unite and become our own protectors. This means that we will:

  • Preserve DACA to prevent three quarters of a million deportations and to save the financial stability and peace of mind that it has given to entire families;
  • Win local victories so that immigrant communities can thrive; and
  • Build sanctuary spaces and deportation defense networks to keep millions out of Trump’s deportation machine.

We all face a choice today — are we prepared to do what it takes to stand on the right side of history? To prevent deportations? To defend each other?

Or will silence and inaction give consent to Trump’s agenda of hate?

The “#HereToStay” Spirit

Immigrants are heroes who have defied the odds and have made incredible sacrifices to survive and thrive.

The spirit behind #HereToStay is one of pride, power, community, resilience, resistance and a dash of a feisty & fun attitude.

It’s an affirmation of our power to self-determine and to live with dignity. It started as a rallying cry in response to the Republican attack on our DAPA and DACA+ victory, an achievement that was ultimately snatched away from us by Republican politicians and judges.

But our fight is not about any one policy or court decision. We fight for our humanity and for the ability to choose where we live, how we live our lives and where to build our families. We fight to win victories for our people and to defend those victories when politicians want to send us backwards.

#HereToStay is a confident and defiant message that this is our home and we aren’t going to be forced out. We fought to come out as undocumented and unafraid and we won’t let Donald Trump or anyone else force us into the shadows.

The #HereToStay spirit is welcoming and inclusive of anyone fighting to hold their ground in this era of oppression.

Take the Pledge

I am ready to support immigrants at risk of deportation by the Trump regime.

I pledge to physically show up for immigrants in my community when they need me.

We are getting reports from dozens of cities that Trump regime agents are raiding homes to deport immigrants and their families.

If you chanted “Immigrants are welcome here,” at a protest – it’s time to show up.

If you flooded the airport to fight for refugees – it’s time to show up.

If you hit the streets when Trump announced his immigration orders – it’s time to show up.

The #HereToStay Network is a group of people ready to fight for immigrants at risk of deportation. When Trump agents show up to raid immigrants’ homes and workplaces, we’ll need you to show up.